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San Diego Edible Gardening in 92111 Zipcode

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I am a middle school library technician.

I am married.

My entire back yard is an organic vegetable and herb garden.

Favorite Magazine: pre-1991 issues of Organic Gardening Magazine (previous title: Organic Gardening and Farming)

I subscribe to the following:
-Asimov's Science Fiction
-Fantasy and Science Fiction
-Organic Gardening Magazine
-Mother Earth News

I love to sew. I design and sew many of my own clothes and costumes.

I love to do yoga.

When I have time, I create hand-sewn hand-embroidered silk neckties and bowties. I have also been known to create silk quilts and do silk applique.

I am sensitive to the following food ingredients:
-black and white pepper
-hot sauce, hot peppers, anything containing capsaicin
-palm kernel oil

I try not to consume:
-onions (though green onions are OK)
-partially or fully hydrogenated fats

I volunteer with the San Diego Speculative Fiction Society (http://www.sansfis.org) and Conjecture Science Fiction Convention (www.conjecture.org).